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Rebel Queer Film+Club screens grubby queer cult movies in underground Club venues and always accompany our films with some sort of performance and a bit of a boogie.  

Rebel Queer Film+Club began online in 2020 as a way to keep Rebel Dykes around the globe supported during COVID pandemic.  

Since August 2022 the club has been running at NiceNSleazy's Glasgow. Programming and art direction by Siobhan Fahey, Michelle Claire and Maria João Monteiro. 

Rebel Queer Film Club is a Riot Films production.

July 2022 - The Hunger (1983)

August 2022 - Time Square (1980)

September 2022 - Preaching to the Peverted (1997)

October 21st 2022 - SAVE THE DATE

November 8th 2022 - SAVE THE DATE

December 21st 2022 - SAVE THE DATE


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